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Your Birth, Your Yoga, Your Way

Life brings wonderful opportunities to expand who we are, as the mind and body are greatly affected by the many things experienced.  

The Sanskrit word for union is Yoga.  My goal is to provide a healthy and peaceful union between the mother and baby during pregnancy and provide a transition of that union after birth and throughout childhood.  Prenatal yoga has been shown to have profoundly positive health benefits for the mind and body, and specifically for the nervous systems of mothers to be and their babies in utero.  You will become more relaxed, confident, peaceful, and powerful as your pregnancy progress.  The benefits of yoga will transform the entire family. 

Denver Prenatal Yoga Offers Personalized Pre and Postnatal Sessions

Why Personalized Classes?

Get the personal attention you deserve! Pregnancy is a time that calls for individual focus, as every woman has a unique body and varying states of mind during the process. These sessions focus on your birth, your yoga, your way.

Whether you prefer Power yoga or Hot styles of yoga, each of your sessions are designed to fit the needs of your body and mind that day, your way.   Your program will support the visions you have for your pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.  Focus on fitness, tap into passion and creativity, or simply relax and de-stress.

  • Pre and Postnatal classes
  • Power/Flow and Bikram/Hot inspired classes
  • Instruction in safe modifications for those who already belong to a gym or yoga practice
  • Partner classes and Mommy and Me classes - designed to enhance connection and relaxation
  • Personalized Life Enhancement sessions - Your Life, Your Yoga,  Your Way

I am pleased to announce the addition of Fertility Yoga - Private consultations using yoga and Ayurvedic philosophies to enhance fertility.

You Benefit from

  • Rejuvenation and fitness of the body, mind, and spirit
  • Mindfulness for new beginnings, acceptance of physical and emotional change, enhancement of self esteem, and personal empowerment
  • Experience a healthy and fulfilling union with yourself, your baby, and life goals
  • Prenatal classes focus on preparing the mind and body for childbirth and childcare, centering and calming the mind, stress reduction, and nurturing the self and others
  • Postnatal classes enhance well being and empower the student to achieve their life's desires
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