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About Amaya

Ann Amaya Crabtree has been a yoga practitioner for over 12 years and is a certified yoga and prenatal yoga instructor. Amaya immersed herself in the study and teaching of prenatal yoga when she witnessed several of her pregnant yoga students and friends struggle with body image issues, physical and hormonal changes, fatigue, and fear.

Amaya is well versed in the challenges faced in starting a family and creating a healthy and peaceful setting in which to nurture our children and ourselves. Amaya's prenatal classes are designed to empower and relax the mom-to-be throughout each stage of pregnancy with preparation for labor and delivery and beyond.

Amaya has used yoga to alleviate the effects of injuries and illness in her own lifetime and in those of her students. Amaya's classes are designed to empower and promote physical and spiritual fitness her students at any stage of their life's adventure.

In addition to her yoga training, Amaya has 18 years of experience in Western medicine practices, and is currently studying and practicing Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine. Amaya combines Western and Eastern philosophies regarding body, mind, and spirit during her classes and workshops.

Amaya is excited to be accepting new consultations and clients for those facing fertility or other medical or life challenges.


I took Annie’s prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with my third child.  It was so lovely to take a class that was customized to my specific pregnancy discomforts and goals.  Each class had a dual focus, preparing me both physically and emotionally for birth.  As a doula, I see first hand the effect a woman’s mental and emotional states have on her pregnancy and birth.  Annie makes a special effort to guide her students through the changes their body and mind make during pregnancy.  So much of our modern women’s culture focuses on physical fitness and strength; birth requires both but in surprising ways.  The power and strength we typically strive for in physical exercise are replaced by the strength of patience, quietude and focus.  It’s a really challenging mind shift that Annie understands and brings to her practice.  This is why I recommend her to all my clients looking for pre- or postnatal yoga.

Being Pregnant for the first time, I faced emotional and physical changes that were both exciting yet challenging at times.  Going to Prenatal Yoga classes weekly helped me to find a new inner balance and stretch in ways that relaxed me and my growing baby.  I believe that the time I spent with Ann during our sessions gave me energy and strength to deliver a healthy baby boy. Having a new son has been a blessing to me and has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.  However, I still need that “me” time where I can relax and reconnect with me.  Post Natal Yoga has given me this.  Each week I stretch and strengthen my body so I have the energy to spend precious time with my son. I treasure the time I spend with my son no matter what we are doing.  Together at Mommy and Me yoga we get time to spend together in a whole different way.  This type of yoga has strengthened the bond me and my son have built and gives us a change to learn and relax together.  It is one of those times I treasure.

I went to Annie's yoga workshop this past Saturday and I LOVED it!  I have never been to such a great yoga class.  I am a new practitioner and need lots of coaching and talking through it so that I can focus on relaxing instead of watching others to make sure I'm doing it right.  She provided that and then some.  You can tell she is a very smart, thoughtful person.  I emailed her to say that if she has another class and we can attend, we'll be there.
-- Elizabeth

Prior to this experience, I had never done yoga before, and now, I couldn’t imagine not doing it. The prenatal class was absolutely amazing! It helped me to stay in focused, relaxed and calm during my pregnancy. When I was feeling out of sorts, this yoga class was able to bring my mind back to what was really important. I also learned many different breathing techniques and I didn’t realize how much I had learned and how helpful this was until I was in labor and actually using them. It was really nice to have a one on one session so that Ann could work on me and my pregnancy. If I was feeling like something needed to be worked on, it was great to have that flexibility so that she could focus on that specific area where I needed the most attention. I enjoyed learning about ways to help me sleep better at night, make my back feel better and ways to help me stay more relaxed during this stressful & life changing moment in my life. It was something that I looked forward to doing every week and I had never felt so good!

What an entertaining class [Mommy & Me Yoga]! I love having something to do with the baby, that only she and I get to do together. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but it’s a great way for me to get a good workout and it’s a great way for the baby to have interaction with me as well as with other babies. I like learning ways that I can do yoga with my baby to help me even get a better workout. She definitely enjoys it and we have so much fun together!

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